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Hageman statement on inflation and the January 6th Committee distraction

Inflation hit 8.6 percent in May, the highest in over 40 years, further tightening the belts of Wyoming working families experiencing the failure of the Biden administration. Gas and diesel prices, which hit record highs almost daily, are key drivers of the dramatic increase in the cost of everyday living. At the same time, Rep. Liz Cheney, Wyoming’s lone member of Congress, is doing nothing to fight for the people who are suffering, instead playing a central role in the illegitimate January 6th Committee designed to distract people from the miserable record of President Biden.

Harriet Hageman, Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Wyoming, today issued the following statement:

“The calamity that is the Biden administration keeps getting worse and working people in Wyoming and elsewhere are feeling it the most. Inflation has driven up the cost of nearly everything, while people are struggling to be able to fill their gas tanks to get to work and take care of their families. The front-page story in today’s Casper newspaper is about the devastating effect on our state energy industries, which are huge employers and economic drivers. Meanwhile, record-high diesel prices increase the cost of everything that needs to be shipped to market, and farmers are finding it to be outrageously expensive to continue to grow and transport the food we all need to survive. This is the time when Wyoming’s only member of Congress should be screaming from the rooftops that Joe Biden is crushing the American dream.

“Unfortunately, Liz Cheney is spending all her time auditioning for a CNN contract, taking center stage as Nancy Pelosi’s hand-picked tool on the January 6th Commission. Cheney is being used to impart phony bipartisanship to an illegitimate committee that violates even the House of Representatives’ own rules. Cheney has turned her back on Wyoming, but is using our only House seat to elevate and continue her own personal war on President Trump. She should be using all her strength to fight against the outrageously harmful Biden administration, but that would get in the way of her Trump obsession. When I am the next congresswoman from Wyoming, I will always remember who hired me and always represent Wyoming values.”


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