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Hageman welcomes Rep. Jason Smith (MO-8) to Wyoming to talk energy & small business

Harriet Hageman and Rep. Jason Smith (center) visited Casper and Gillette to talk about energy and small business issues

Harriet Hageman, Republican nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives in Wyoming, this week welcomed Rep. Jason Smith (MO-8) to the state to discuss methods to protect energy industries and small businesses from the radical policies of the Biden administration. Hageman took Smith to Casper and Gillette to meet with energy leaders and local employers. They were joined by state Representatives John Bear, Chip Neiman, and Cyrus Western.

“This is the kind of relationship I am already building with my future colleagues in Congress, so that we can highlight and benefit Wyoming industries and the people who work in them,” Hageman said. “I’m grateful for Congressman Smith’s willingness to visit Wyoming to learn more about our issues, where we share concerns, and how we can work together to restore economic vitality. When I’m in Congress, I will fight for Wyoming like this every day.”

Hageman and Smith met with oil, gas, coal, and uranium leaders, while also speaking with crypto and small business entrepreneurs. The two toured the Belle Ayr Mine in Gillette to discuss rail issues, Black Lung tax, and problems businesses encounter with federal agencies.

Smith is the ranking member of the House Committee on the Budget and also serves on the Ways and Means Committee.


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