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Hageman endorses Donald J. Trump for President in 2024

Rep. Harriet Hageman (WY-AL) today announced her endorsement of former President Donald J. Trump as he runs for president again in 2024. Hageman issued the following statement:

“I believe that Donald Trump was one of the best presidents of my lifetime. His policies were great for Wyoming and the Country as a whole. He understood that we must promote and support our domestic energy industries, allow states to responsibly develop their own natural resources, enforce immigration laws and protect our southern border, and lead the country with strength so that our allies respect us while our enemies fear us.

“Joe Biden has taken the exact opposite approach on all these policy issues, and look at what he has done to our Country. We are again reliant on foreign sources of energy, our fuel prices are too high, inflation continues to soar, our border is in crisis, and the Chinese are having a field day violating our airspace, stealing our intellectual property, and flooding our country with fentanyl. We must turn this Country around by defeating Biden, or whatever candidate the Democrats put up to replace him.

“President Trump stood with me for my election in 2022, and I am proud to stand with him in 2024.”



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