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Hageman unveils massive grassroots team of over 500 county leaders

Harriet Hageman, Republican nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives in Wyoming, today released a truly massive list of over 500 grassroots leaders who are active in their communities and represent her campaign to their neighbors. The volunteers are helping to spread Hageman’s message that Wyomingites need a member of Congress who will fight against D.C. insiders who are intent on destroying their way of life. Since declaring her candidacy in September 2021, Hageman has traveled 45,000 miles across Wyoming, held hundreds of public events and town halls, and had conversations with thousands of Wyoming voters.

“The people of Wyoming are motivated and demanding that Washington, D.C. pay attention to them, and I am thrilled and honored that so many have joined our campaign in leadership positions,” Hageman said. “Joe Biden and the radicals in Washington are attacking us daily, shutting down our energy and resource industries, encroaching on our constitutional rights, and weakening our country in all respects. We only get one member of Congress in Wyoming and we have to make it count, so from the moment I’m sworn in, I will do what I always do – fight for Wyoming.”

Hageman was born and raised in Wyoming and learned the value of hard work and loyalty on her family’s ranch outside of Fort Laramie. She has built her legal career fighting federal overreach, standing up for water, property and constitutional rights. Hageman soundly defeated incumbent Rep. Liz Cheney in the August 16 Republican primary, earning two-thirds of the vote for a 37-point victory, and is heavily favored to win the general election on November 8.

View the full list of grassroots leaders here.


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