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Cheney votes to allow federal government to track citizens’ private vaccine status

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney voted to fund the enlargement of a federal database that would track COVID-19 vaccine doses administered to private citizens and allow the federal government to contact citizens to encourage them to receive a shot. The Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act provides $400 million in taxpayer funding to expand the power of the government to track individual vaccinations and identify geographic areas were vaccine rates are low. The legislation also creates channels for state and local health departments, in addition to private and public healthcare facilities, to forward their own data to the federal government.

Cheney voted for the bill, with every Democrat and a minority of Republicans, which now will be considered by the Senate.

Wyoming candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives Harriet Hageman today issued the following statement:

“This is straight out of George Orwell, and the fact that Liz Cheney thinks the federal government has the right to know your personal medical information to help Joe Biden enforce his unconstitutional mandates shows you that she has lost her mind. Taking the vaccine is a personal decision, and it is not business of the government. In the United States, we value personal privacy, and we don’t allow the federal government to identify and harass people over medical decisions they make for themselves.

“It is shocking that Liz Cheney would vote for this massive intrusion into most basic personal privacy, and I don’t believe Wyomingites will stand for it. This vote alone shows you how far out of step with Wyoming Liz Cheney is.”


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