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Hageman: Canada’s proposed gun law is American leftists’ dream

The actions of Canada, which is considering legislation that effectively bans the new ownership of firearms, should stand as a warning to freedom-loving Americans about the direction leftists would like to take the United States. Legislation in Canada’s parliament would institute a “national freeze” on the purchase, sale, import, or transfer of handguns in the country, among other restrictions, a move that has been endorsed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Meanwhile, American liberals are also using recent illegal attacks to further their long-standing goal of encroaching on the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Harriet Hageman, Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Wyoming, today issued the following statement:

“Canada has no 2nd Amendment, which is causing American leftists to look north of the border and see a utopia where it’s possible to stomp on the rights of law-abiding citizens. Here in Wyoming, we proudly embrace our freedoms and will fight to defend them.

“American liberals make no secret about their desire to ban firearms, with some in Congress even calling for an expansion of the Supreme Court to ram through what would be unconstitutional restrictions on 2nd Amendment rights. President Joe Biden has even gone so far as to call for banning the most common ammunition in the world. They know the Constitution will stop them, but they’re going to try anyway.

“Here in Wyoming, we need our only member of Congress to stand up to the leftists and protect our rights, but Liz Cheney is too fixated on her personal war with President Donald Trump to worry about anything else. She has lost her ability to work with Republicans in Congress at exactly the moment we need her to stand strong, and Wyomingites are fed up with having no leadership. When I am the next congresswoman from Wyoming, I will always fight for our constitutional rights, and I never forget who hired me for the job.”


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