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Hageman: Cheney’s J6 subpoenas prove she’ll never be effective for Wyoming again

Rep. Liz Cheney’s personal war on President Trump and his supporters entered a new phase when she successfully pushed for subpoenas to be issued to Republican members of the House of Representatives, including Leader Kevin McCarthy. The aggressive act of issuing subpoenas to her House colleagues from her position on the January 6th Committee merely underscores the fact that she will never again be able to work effectively with her fellow Members of Congress.

Harriet Hageman, candidate for the U.S. House in Wyoming against Cheney, today issued the following statement:

“If there were any further proof needed that Liz Cheney has lost her ability to effectively represent Wyoming, this should close the case. How in the world can she work with her colleagues in the Republican conference when she's targeting its members, including the Republican leader? The media is reporting that even some of her Democrat colleagues realized how radical this idea would be. It is a true tragedy that Wyoming’s lone congresswoman is so deeply mired in the D.C. Swamp that she is now more extreme than some Democrats.

“It's clear that Cheney will go to any lengths to continue her personal war against President Trump, doing the political dirty work of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats all the while. Republicans don’t want anything to do with her, and Democrats think she’s just a useful, temporary tool. She will never be able to be effective for Wyoming again.”


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