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Hageman fires back after receiving threatening letter from Wyoming lawyers

A group of Wyoming lawyers has sent a threatening letter to Harriet Hageman, Republican nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives in Wyoming, because she holds a different opinion of the 2020 election than they do. The lawyers barely disguised their threat to file a bar complaint against Hageman if she does not stop exercising her 1st Amendment right to free speech. The letter, dated September 12, 2022, was delivered to Hageman’s home, her law office, and her campaign for Congress, and can be found here. Hageman today issued the following statement: “Make no mistake, this letter is meant as a threat against me simply because I hold a different political opinion – one that is shared by a majority of Wyoming voters. And this is exactly what Liz Cheney’s allies and the left do to Trump supporters and conservatives at every turn – attempt to threaten, intimidate, and cancel anyone who doesn’t see the world the way they do. The letter appears to be part of a larger national collusive effort by leftists and political insiders to target Republican lawyers who have concerns about the 2020 election, with possibly providing the template for the letter sent to me. “There remain serious questions about that election, including hundreds of millions of dollars spent by Mark Zuckerberg to commandeer local elections offices in Democrat precincts, and the fact that a Pennsylvania court ruled that their state’s mail-in voting law is unconstitutional. As a constitutional attorney, I have spent my career fighting for the rights of others, and now a group of my fellow lawyers is trying to squelch my own 1st Amendment rights because they disagree with me. And let’s be clear – this is not just an attack on me, it’s also aimed at conservative Wyomingites and anyone who supports President Trump. I’d like to say I’m surprised by this behavior, but it’s just what elites – and those who consider themselves elites – do.”


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