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Hageman hits all 23 Wyoming counties in first months of campaign

Since announcing her candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives on September 9, Harriet Hageman has driven 9,042 miles within Wyoming, meeting with voters in all 23 counties in the state. She has also racked up an impressive list of endorsements in her bid to replace incumbent Rep. Liz Cheney, who rarely visits Wyoming. Hageman has also raised a majority of her campaign funds from the citizens of Wyoming – something that Cheney cannot say.

“There is no question that my fellow Wyomingites want their only member of the House to reflect their values and beliefs, and they don’t have that right now with Liz Cheney,” Hageman said. “Everywhere I go – and I have traveled to a lot of places – people thank me for running because they are ready to have someone from Wyoming, someone who has fought for Wyoming, and someone with Wyoming in her DNA to represent them in Congress.”

Communities visited:

Buffalo, Casper, Cheyenne, Cody, Cokeville, Douglas, Dubois, Evanston, Fort Laramie, Gillette, Jackson, Kemmerer, Laramie, Lovell, Lusk, Lyman, Newcastle, Pavilion, Pinedale, Riverton, Rock Springs, Saratoga, Sheridan, Sundance, Thayne, Thermopolis, Torrington, Wheatland, Worland.

Key Endorsements:

President Donald J. Trump

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (KY)

Former United States Representative Barbara Cubin

Former Speaker of the Wyoming House Bill McIlvain

State Senator Tim Salazar

State Senator Cheri Steinmetz

State Representative John Bear

State Representative Rachel Rodriguez-Williams

State Representative Tim Hallinan

State Representative Jeremy Haroldson

State Representative Chip Neiman

State Representative Clarence Styvar

State Representative J.D. Williams

Former State Senator Wyatt Agar

Former State Representative Jim Allen

Former State Representative Scott Clem

Former State Representative Kathy Davison

Former State Representative Marti Halverson

Former State Representative Hans Hunt

Former State Representative David Miller

Former State Representative Garry Piiparinen

Former State Representative Tom Reeder

Former State Representative Teense Wilford


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