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Hageman launches first online ad: “Ride for the Brand”

Rep. Liz Cheney doesn’t know what “Ride for the Brand” means and has betrayed Wyoming’s values, while Republican challenger Harriet Hageman has always fought for Wyoming and its ideals, according to the first online ad launched today by Hageman’s campaign. “Riding for the Brand,” according to the Code of the West, means people should have loyalty to those who hired them. Cheney doesn’t Ride for the Brand; she has instead joined Democrat Nancy Pelosi and the radical liberals in their relentless war on President Donald Trump. Hageman, in contrast, will stand by Wyoming when she is elected.

The spot, titled “Ride for the Brand,” is a paid advertisement now running online.

“In the Old West, when a cowboy ‘rode for the brand,’ it meant they were loyal to their outfit, to the person who hired them, to the one who paid them,” a rancher says in the ad. “They gave their promise to protect the brand and would fight for it as though it were their own.”

“In Wyoming, we know that someone who rides for the brand is loyal. That loyalty is about honor, commitment, and keeping your word,” a second rancher says. “Liz Cheney doesn’t know what riding for the brand means. We sent her to D.C. to be loyal to the outfit that hired her, to be loyal to Wyoming and our values. Instead of fighting for us, she’s fighting against President Trump. She betrayed us. She betrayed our values. She betrayed the brand.”

Hageman’s brother, Hugh Hageman, explains how he and his siblings grew up on their family ranch and learned about Wyoming values. He says the Hageman family has been in Wyoming “since before statehood.”

“Harriet has spent her career fighting for us against unelected bureaucrats trying to change our way of life,” Hugh Hageman says of his sister’s career as a water, natural resources, property rights, and constitutional attorney. “I know she’ll protect us and fight for us because she already has.”

Harriet Hageman finishes the spot by speaking to the viewer.

“Right now, the most important job Republicans have in Washington, D.C. is to stop Nancy Pelosi and the radical Democrats from destroying our country,” she says. “I’m Harriet Hageman, and I know what it means to ride for the brand.”


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