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Hageman officially files for U.S. House race in Wyoming

Harriet Hageman files the official paperwork to run for Congress in Wyoming

Constitutional attorney Harriet Hageman today filed the official paperwork with the Wyoming Secretary of State to become a candidate in the 2022 Republican primary for the U.S. House of Representatives. Hageman, who filed the papers in person in Cheyenne this morning, announced her intention to challenge incumbent Rep. Liz Cheney in September 2021 and since has travelled over 23,000 miles inside Wyoming meeting with voters and holding public townhalls. The Republican primary is August 16, 2022.

“Having grown up on my family’s ranch near Fort Laramie, I have Wyoming in my DNA,” Hageman said. “I’ve been fighting for the constitutional rights of the people of Wyoming in my professional career and it’s a battle I’ll continue to fight in Congress. We only get one member of the House in Wyoming, and we have to get it right. The people deserve a congresswoman who represents the ideals and values of our great state.”

Endorsed by former President Donald Trump, Hageman will be an America First, conservative member of Congress who will never stop fighting for Wyoming. As an attorney, she has fought to protect Wyoming against runaway government and to preserve property rights. She successfully defeated the Clinton administration in a battle over access to forest lands involving the illegal Roadless Rule. And she has taken on the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to oppose mandates and usurpation of the rights of farmers and ranchers.

As a member of Congress, Hageman will fight against federal government overreach and protect property rights, water rights, and 2nd Amendment rights, among other priorities. Hageman will fight to keep taxes low, support Wyoming’s energy and natural resource industries, and oppose needless and endless foreign wars.

Hageman said she’s running for Congress because Cheney has turned her back on Wyoming.

“Our only member of Congress has completely lost the ability to represent us effectively,” Hageman said. “She continues to wage her own personal war against President Trump and his supporters as Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked member of the January 6th commission. The Republicans in Congress want nothing to do with her, and the Democrats see her as a temporary but useful tool. She is squandering our lone congressional seat and we need someone in there who will use it to protect our state from the disastrous Biden administration.”

Hageman is a fourth generation Wyomingite who was raised on her family ranch outside of Fort Laramie. Growing up on the ranch, she learned the value of hard work, honesty, and fighting for what you believe. Once described as one of the “fiercest and most effective opponents” of the Clinton Administration, Hageman knows that the hardworking men and women of Wyoming deserve a leader who shares their values and will not bow down to the pressures of the liberal left as soon as the road gets a little rough. She attended Casper College, and earned her B.S. in Business Management and her Law Degree from the University of Wyoming, and is a practicing attorney.


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