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Harriet Hageman statement on Joe Biden’s first year in office

Wyoming Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, Harriet Hageman, today issued the following statement regarding President Joe Biden’s 1-year anniversary as president:

“We knew Joe Biden would be a terrible president for Wyoming, but I don’t know if anyone thought he would be this bad.

“Inflation is rising out of control, our energy independence is a thing of the past, our southern border with Mexico has been wiped away, the Afghanistan withdrawal cost 13 American lives and left the Taliban in possession of American military equipment, and the COVID pandemic is worse than it has ever been. Joe Biden is ruining this country and our allies have no faith in American leadership on the world stage.

“Through it all, we would expect that our representative in Washington, D.C., Liz Cheney, would be fighting tooth and nail against the disastrous Biden administration, but she is not. She spends every ounce of her energy fighting her personal war with President Donald Trump, aiding the Democrats in their scheme to divert attention away from the smoking wreckage of Biden’s presidency.

“Wyoming deserves a member of Congress who actually looks out for Wyoming. When I’m in Congress, that’s exactly what I’ll do.”


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