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Harriet Hageman: Vaccine mandate is unconstitutional and ignores science

Harriet Hageman, Republican candidate for the House of Representatives in Wyoming, today issued the following statement regarding President Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate:

“Even though President Biden previously insisted that he would not issue a federal vaccine mandate, he has done exactly that and violated the Constitution in the process. The Supreme Court has been clear that there are simply no laws that allow the federal government to order private citizens to be vaccinated. Biden’s edict that private and public employers require their workers to be vaccinated is an obvious violation of the 10th Amendment. Even worse, at a time when people are still struggling economically, he has issued the directive to Americans, ‘Take the shot or you’ll lose your job.’ Indeed, we are already seeing mass resignations and dismissals of healthcare workers who are skeptical of the shot, which proves that Biden’s power grab is already backfiring.

“As someone who has recited the phrase ‘follow the science’ so often that it sounds like a prerecorded message, Biden has failed to take his own advice. There is now a convincing body of evidence that people who have already contracted and recovered from Covid have developed natural immunity that likely exceeds the protection provided by the vaccine. Biden’s blanket decree that all must be vaccinated ignores the science that says that natural immunity is actually better.

“The United States is a free country, and people are allowed to make their own private decisions about how to protect themselves and their families. If they believe that the vaccines are safe, effective, and best for them, people should make that determination on their own. It is not Joe Biden’s job – nor can it be his job – to order people to inject substances into their bodies against their will.”


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