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Vice President Kamala Harris praised Rep. Liz Cheney

Vice President Kamala Harris praised Rep. Liz Cheney this week for her work as Speaker Pelosi’s hand-picked “Republican” on her sham January 6th Committee. at the same time Democrats are using that panel to push for the radical federal takeover of Wyoming’s elections. Cheney has remained singularly focused on her position on the committee as she escalates her personal war with former President Donald Trump.

Harriet Hageman, Republican candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, today issued the following statement:

“Good for Liz Cheney that Kamala Harris is happy with her work in Congress, because Wyoming sure isn’t. Cheney is trying to get another bite at the apple in her vendetta against President Trump after her vote to impeach him failed to remove him from office. And she is helping Democrats with their push for a radical federal takeover of Wyoming’s elections.

“Everyone knows that the January 6th Committee is the only thing that Cheney is focused on, but she never mentions that to constituents in Wyoming. It’s because she knows that’s not what we want, but she’s determined to continue being Nancy Pelosi’s pawn anyway. Getting praise from leftists who want complete control over our electoral process may make her popular in Northern Virginia, where’s she’s from, but for those of us who actually live and make our livelihoods in Wyoming, it just confirms how wildly out of step she is with what the voters want.

“Wyoming only gets one member of the House, and we have to make it count. Right now, we don’t actually have representation because Cheney’s priorities are not ours. When I’m the congresswoman from Wyoming, I will always represent Wyoming’s interests.”


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